1. Painted fear.

Music/McRory Lyrics/White


When they turn these lights on me
It burns a hole in my brain
They see me as an animal
But now I must try to escape
I'm crying madness but no one hears.
This existence has nothing for me
Can't break these chains they put on me.
When does this torture ever end?
When does this torture ever end?

Ocean colours red, the sky is black.
My memory's fading now your gone.
Tempt the soul with cutting bone.
This mortal coil turns madness cord
Turns madness cold.

Do they see without a key, our souls can't fly
Willow tree remember me, my soul can't fly.

Lucifer my painted fear
They don't like the way the colours run.
Enemy of madmen I fear, but I am not the only one.
Can I paint a picture of peace in my mind
When I don't even know how this begun
There is nothing left but painted fear (Repeat)

Lines in the sand show me where to go
But they are gone!!And the omens show no more
The omens show no more.