1. Sentient.

Music/McRory Lyrics/White Special guest/Elaine McRory.


Early dreams and memories manifest before my eyes.
Where and when did I begin,a tiny cell splitting our hearts.
All my life is forming as my mind begins to die.
I see teardrops fall from eyes,closed doors and walls of pain.
Taken from your loving arms,to always long for that embrace.

Where is the house of the gathering?.
The wrongs of the World are the wrongs of me and you.

The water gently washes me,the ocean touches at my feet.
where and how did I get here? I see them watching me my dear.
All my life is changing as my mind begins to die.

I see tear drops fall from eyes as the watchers break away.
One has run and won't return.The one who stayed I do embrace.
Where to run to now you're not alone my dear (repeat)

You're loneliness begins.Our hearts to break and fall.
You challenged his beliefs,you challenged him for me.
(repeat chorus).