1. The hob of hell.

Music/Mcrory Lyrics/White


He's the black in the dead of night.
The nightmare in your chilling frightnight.
The lord of flies on your rotten soul.
The grissled bone on your rancid throne yeah!.
He's the pain when the fights been lost.
The haunting voice saying "count the cost".
The sound when death knocks on your door.
Your prayers unanswered,unheard once more.
He's the bullet fired from every gun.
The deathly chill when you start to run.
In every dream that you'll never have and every wish that you've begged to pass.
(Pre chorus and Chorus).
He's as hard as the hob of hell. (Repeat).
"Don't you take from another man.Don't think bad of his masterplan.
Don't you lie when you feel the need.Don't cheat or deal in misdeads.
Don't you swear to the good Lord.Don't you steal from anyone.
Don't you kill another soul,don't ya kill another soul ya'hear?.".