Music/Mcrory Lyrics/White


Black snake on a picket fence,he cuts a look that just says it all.
Why do you all fear me baby,when you know you've got nothing I want.
Slip and slide accross the black divide.
Run and hide behind your pose and lies.
He slithers on.Are you following.
Fat cat cutting me no slack he's barely given you what you've earned.
Dig deep where there is no heat you've got to stand up tall and learn.
Yeah.Its just a melody for hypocrisy and damnation.(repeat).
Get down in this broken small town and boogie for what you need.
Feel free to burden me with your pleas I've got all this time to be.
Black snake say's "It's no mistake,I can't take much more of this".
"You had it all but Doctor greed he calls and you all keep running to his beck and call".
(Pre chorus)
Goin down to the bip bop down town.
Get down to the bip bop down town.(repeat).