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Formed in Carlow, Ireland in early 1991 from the ashes of death/thrash act LAST BREATH, MINDS EYE bassist/vocalist Vinnie White, drummer Cathal FitzGerald and guitarist/backing vocalist John 'Juan Martikkas da Silva' McRory have set out on a musical journey that has stayed strong right through to this day.

Back in the very early days the band enlisted long time friend Ed 'Volvo Mcloud' Wallace for live appearances touring the 'TRUST' and 'SEE' (EPs) through to '95, and the 'Poolaphuca Trad Sessions' (EP) with Elaine McRory guesting on lead vocals.

The band then took an extensive break as founder member Vinnie moved to England and John to Australia.  This was not the only time the two members left the Emerald Isle.

It wasn't until late 1997 that the band reconvened as a three piece once again to record their first LP 'SALVAGE'. On this first long play the musical influences were thrash/rock driven and the vocal style stayed clean. A formula that has remained to this day.

The next move was a big one as Vinnie once again moved - only this time it was his turn to head for Australian shores. The result was no recordings for a seven year gap until the group returned as a four piece (Dave 'Spock' Ryan joining on rhythm guitar) to record the 'TIME' (LP) and closely followed the same year by the album 'THE ROAD ENDURED' which saw the band growing into a heavier vein whilst still holding onto their recognisable style.

2005 was another busy year recording-wise with the albums 'SEE ALL SAY NOTHING' and the covers collection 'WHEEL OF DESTINY' produced.

The band did make some live appearances over these few years, occasionally with Dave Griffin on lead vocals.

2006 saw the double release of the epic 'TWO SIDES TO EVERY STORY...' and  '...AND THEN THERES THE TRUTH' (LPs).

It was at this point that the band were once again torn in two as Vinnie and John relocated with their families to Brisbane and Sydney respectively. This was not to be the end for the Carlow-born outfit as they produced recordings in Sydney, Australia of 2008's 'ENDEAVOUR TO PERSEVERE', '2009's 'FROM BACK THEN TO NOW' and the double long play effort, 2010's 'EMERALDS TO DUST' and 'THE UNYIELDING END'. These have seen the band take their music not only to different shores literally but musically also.......and so the story goes.
2011 and the story continues with the releases of 'THE NEW WORLD INQUISITION', and 'THE RAINBOW PEOPLE SHALL INHERIT THE EARTH' long plays.With next up 'PIRATE SONGS FOR THE DAMNED'.No rest for the wicked....

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